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5:30pm-7:00pm Tuesdays

August 28th - December 18th

*No Meeting on November 20th to allow for Thanksgiving Travel

            Tuition: $75 per month          

10% if you pay for all 4 months by August 27th


Ages 14+

Located in the Classroom inside of Hobby Lobby

4972 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246


Click on the events in the calendar below to find out what we will be doing each week.

Only 5 weeks can be listed at a time. 

Schedule is tentative and subject to change according to the needs of the class.

Supply List

All Supplies available at Hobby Lobby


Master's Touch Brand Oil Paints 1.7 fl oz

Lemon Yellow 

Deep Yellow


Rose Red

Ultra Blue

Prussian Blue

Titanium White

Fine Touch Brush Set



Master's Touch Disposable Palette Paper

5 Pack 16"x 20" Super Value Canvases

Large Brush Holder 

Grumbacher Linseed Oil 2.5 fl oz

      It is recommended that all students have their own supplies so that they can practice at home. Communal supplies will be included in the tuition fees including soap, disposable gloves, shop towels, easels, mirrors, and experimental paint materials.

    This supply list is recommended , but if you happen to have comparable materials at home, please bring them in, and I will assist you in determining if they meet the requirements for the course. 


      Most oil paints will wash out of clothing if  spot cleaned with soap and water prior to drying, but to prevent staining, students may consider wearing an old t-shirt or apron to class.

* Safety

Because this class is being conducted in a classroom which was not specially designed for oil painting, it does not have the ventilation system for using solvents. Therefore, this class will be



None of the materials being used pose any health risk so long as they are not consumed. Disposable gloves will be provided for those with health concerns. If you choose not to use the gloves, please wash hands throughly before eating or preparing food. 

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