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Portrait Commissions

Eloise Hopefully this time2.jpg

"Eloise" 16"x20" a commissioned Portrait completed in June 2018

     During this consultation, we will discuss both artistic, financial, and logistical aspects of the commission.  If both parties agree to move forward with the commission, you will be asked to sign several documents including a 

commission contract, an agreement to pay, and a model release.

     If you are commissioning a child's portrait, consider bringing the child (children) along with something to do (coloring, reading, etc.) This allows the child to become familiar with the artist and decreases the child's anxiety about having reference photos taken. 

     At the end of the initial consultation, you will be asked for a down payment of 50% of the total price.  This down payment is required before any work on the portrait begins. Payments are accepted by check, or card.

     You will receive a digital copy of all signed documents to your email within 48 of the initial consultation. These will serve as your receipt. 

       Diana is available to create a unique and beautiful custom portrait painting or drawing of you or your loved one(s)which will be cherished for generations to come!

The Procedure

Step 1: The Consultation

     The first step in the process of any portrait is to schedule an initial consultation. This consultation can be held at your home, the artist's studio, or any other agreed location. Expect to spend 1-1.5 hours discussing exactly what you want your custom portrait to look like.


     Feel free to bring in example images of portraits you like, color, pattern, clothing you are considering wearing or anything else that inspires you. Consider making a Pinterest board of images you like or saving the files to your computer. 



Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.39.46

 An example of a Pinterest board with samples of portraits, clothes, and color schemes that the client likes. 

Step 2: The Photo Shoot or Live Modeling

Depending on what course of action has been chosen for the portrait, the next step in the process will be either a one time photoshoot, or a series of live sittings. A series of 2-3 hour live sessions where Diana paints directly from the model generally yields the most life-like results. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. Therefore, Diana offers portraits from life, photography, or a combination of both. In the case of children, paintings must be done from photographic reference.

Many people ask about portraits done from family photographs. The lighting, quality, and poses in such photographs are usually unsuitable for painting. To insure that her clients receive a high quality product, Diana strongly prefers to take her own photographs. She does not generally accept commissions using client's photographs, and for legal reasons, can not use images taken by a professional photographer. 


If you have some family photographs you would like to discuss, please bring them to the initial consultation so that the artist can determine if they are suitable for painting. In the case of a deceased loved one or other extraordinary circumstances, Diana may be able to work from less than optimal photos, but the quality of the finished product may suffer. Diana has the right to decline a commission if suitable reference material can not be obtained. 

Option 1: The Photo Shoot

     Reference photos may be taken at your home, the artist's studio or other locations which may be discussed during the initial consultation. Indoor photoshoots provide the best opportunity for the artist to control the lighting. Diana will bring her own lamps and camera set up. 


     If the photo shoot will take place out doors, it is best to schedule it in the morning about an hour after sunrise or in the evening, an hour prior to sunset. If in climate weather is predicted, expect a phone call at least 24 hours before hand to reschedule.

     On the day of your photoshoot, be comfortable and act natural. Be well rested and please set aside time for going through images and possibly retaking images. This process may take several hours. For this reason, if working with children, photos are best taken at home, where the child can play while adults review the photos.

 Once a pose is picked, and agreed upon by both client and artist, Diana will take the photos back to her studio and begin the painting. The active painting process may take 20-40 hours or more. Depending on the number of projects Diana has at any given time, expect this process to take 2-6 weeks for small paintings and longer for large or group portraits.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.10.10
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.31.00

The artist can use multiple reference images to achieve the look desired. These 3 photos were all used as reference for "Eloise."

Option 2: Live Model Sittings

Joanna's Beauty Routine 2.jpg

This portrait was painted directly from the model without photographic aid.

     Live sittings are the optimal way to produce life like paintings. The human eye can detect a wider range of colors and values than most cameras, giving these paintings more depth. Live sessions are also a great opportunity to get to know the artist and vice versa, giving the painting more character. 

     Model sittings will be conducted in the artist's home-based studio. The client sits as still as possible while the artist paints them. These sessions usually last from 2-3 hours each, with breaks every 20-30 minutes or as needed by the sitter.


     Live sitting can be difficult for some people. The model needs to be able to sit or stand still for extended periods. This type of session will not possible for children, or people with certain health conditions, or those who are prone to fidgeting. If you begin by modeling, and are unable to continue, Diana will take a photograph and work from the image. 

For a successful live session, please arrive well rested, if you are too tired to stay awake, the session can be rescheduled.  Please wear the clothes you wish to be depicted in to each session. Also consider eating something and drinking water prior to the session. Although rare, models can faint if they choose a standing pose and are dehydrated or hungry.

Diana has a CD player. If you would like to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts during your session, please bring them with you. 

Step 3: Review and Approval

     When a painting is nearing completion, the client will be invited to the artist's studio to review it. If the client is unable to physically visit the studio, they will receive a picture of the painting via text message or email. If the client is satisfied with the painting, they move on to the next step of the process. If they are unsatisfied with the painting, Diana will make changes and invite the client back at a later date to review the painting again. The client may request changes up to two times. 

Step 4: Drying and Varnishing

Step 5: Delivery

Once a completed painting is approved, it will be set aside to dry. Drying times may vary according to paint thickness, mediums used, and other factors. Most oil paintings take a minimum of 3-6 weeks to be dry to touch. Once the paint is dry a layer of varnish will be added. This varnish, brings vibrancy back to the colors, and protects the painting. 

The varnished painting is ready for its new home. Diana can personally deliver the painting to your residence if you live nearby, or insure and ship the piece for long distance travel. If the painting must be shipped, the buyer is financially responsible for shipping and handling, packaging, and insurance costs. All commissioned paintings arrive unframed. If you would like help framing your piece, Diana can assist you in choosing a local frame shop or in picking a frame that complements your painting.


Prices are based on medium, size, and complexity of the subject being painted. The prices below are to give you a general idea, but may be different from the final price in any specific situation. These prices are subject to change with demand and experience. Order your portrait now to get the best price. Diana reserves the right to charge a travel fee for distances traveled over 30 miles.

Oil on Canvas

$500 per head and shoulders (life sized)


+ $50 for each hand included in the painting. 


One complementary hand may be included at no extra charge for portraits of 2 individuals


Up to two hands maybe included at no extra charge for group portraits of 3 or more individuals.


+ 7% sales tax


Additional charges for complex imagery, backgrounds, full body portraits ect. to be determined on a case by case basis.


Charcoal on Paper


Generally black and white, drawing can be done in other colors or on colored paper at customer's request.


$350 per head and shoulders (life sized or smaller)


+ $40 for each hand included in the drawing. 


Up to two hands maybe included at no extra charge for group portraits of 3 or more individuals.


+ 7% sales tax


Additional charges for complex imagery, backgrounds, full body portraits ect. to be determined on a case by case basis.

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